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EGO and It's Impact On the Athlete

March 20, 2021 by Ric Hamlin

The interesting part of coaching is dealing with an athlete’s EGO and how it impacts whether they realize it or not in their growth.

EGO can manifest itself in perceived arrogance as well as’s simply ones opinion generally of another.

Successful athletes recognize EGO and its impact on their performance and any progress...they also utilize a coach properly instead of in a conflicting way...

How does this translate? Successful athletes realize the difference in succeeding and failing which generally translates to how they accept either....if they succeed they accept as well as evaluate...why did they succeed? The same is said when they fail....why did they fail? They seek answers vs excuses...

Marginal athletes or 50/50 athletes are ones that have highs and lows...and refuse to see why. When a marginal athlete succeed they believe it to be 100% them and only them...when they fail they simply see excuses...they got bad breaks, the luck went against them, the lanes didn’t play right...never seeing what’s in front of them...the choices they made or didn’t make.

This is where the struggle with the coach can come in...successful athletes listen to their coaches, as that’s why they have them and work on solutions to an can be a give and take but they work for solutions...marginals athletes will tend to dispute or argue with a coach, not realizing the impact the coach has and generally continues failing...

Figure out what type of athlete you are and work to be the successful athlete...applaud yourself with success but try not to seek to excuses when you struggle...physically is generally not the issue...mentally is.

Successful athletes realize the difference in succeeding and failing

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